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Welcome to the HSC Pathways to Success Toolkit

Are you a young adult with a disability who wants to connect to jobs and careers? This Toolkit was created especially for you!

There are a lot of things to learn, opportunities to think about and choices to make. This toolkit will lead you along your path and provide the information you need to make informed decisions, one step at a time.

How to Use the Toolkit

The toolkit is designed to mirror your job search. No matter where you are on your pathway—just starting to look, already searching, or settling into your new job—this toolkit provides the resources to successfully navigate your Career Path. The toolkit is organized into three main areas with subsections under each as follows:

Getting Prepared (Before you start the job hunt)

After You’re Hired (If you’ve already found a job)

Each element of the toolkit contains basic and more detailed information on the subject matter with links to off-site resources.

In each section of your career path, there is key information, links to resources and testimonials from young adults who have used the resources and benefits. You can check something quickly (or search for single item through our search feature) or review entire articles on topics related to career planning information, job search strategies and techniques to help you build your career.

For Individuals with Social Security Benefits

For individuals who receive benefits from Social Security, there is specific information about how working affects your benefits. You will learn about Social Security’s efforts to assist you in finding work, offsetting some expense and preparing for the time when you can support yourself through work. These tools are highlighted by eight young people who have used these benefits, called “Work Incentives.” For each work incentive, a “FAQS and Facts” section includes specific details about each work incentives.

About the Toolkit

This toolkit is made available through the support of the HSC Foundation’s Youth Transitions Collaborative in Washington, DC.  The toolkit content was developed by PolicyWorks and its Collaborative Partners, the DC Metro BLN and TransCen, Inc.

Special thanks to the young people who coordinated the Benefits at Work Section of this Toolkit: Ciara Calsita and Nicona Keesaw of PolicyWorks and to our youth advisors Erica DeLa Rosa, California State University Fullerton; Shawn Fiala, San Diego State University; and  Natasha Bijlani, University of California/Berkeley.

SarahMy name is Sarah, and I am a first-year transfer student at the University of California, Berkeley, where I am in pursuit of a degree in Political Science. My interest in politics was first fueled by being frustrated that no one was listening to what I was telling them. I was incredibly frustrated that my teachers, medical professionals, and University of California/ Berkeley.

My family thought that they could decide what was best for me. It irritated me that they were making decisions about my life and my medical care without consulting me about what I was most comfortable with and what I felt were the best decisions.

When I was 15, an occupational therapist of mine heard about a leadership opportunity in which I would be advocating for myself and other young people with disabilities through a county commission. Without hesitation I called and said I was interested. That’s how my interest in government began. Through the commission I was introduced to numerous opportunities that taught me about how government works and what I could do to help change policies to better serve the needs of the people they affect. These opportunities reiterated to me that by being involved in politics, you really can help to make a positive change. Since then, being involved in politics has provided me opportunities to  travel throughout the state of California,  to Washington DC, and internationally.

-Sarah, first-year transfer student at UC Berkeley pursuing a degree in Political Science

Advice From a Young Professional


This section covers everything you need to know about beginning your job search.


This section covers everything you need to know about finding work.


This section covers everything you need
once you’ve landed a job.

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