UntitledDaman Wandke, Student Earned Income Tax Credit

I used the Student Earned Income Exclusion while I was in college which allowed me to gain valuable experience through multiple paid internships.  This worked well until I turned age 22.  Many of my internships I had to relocate for, so the extra money that this incentive provided me was very helpful to cover my additional expenses.  I continued to be a student until I graduated with my MBA in 2013, and I did not qualify for this work incentive any longer.  This work incentive is very helpful and I wish all students on SSI could use this incentive.

Advice From a Young Professional

The Basics

Student Earned Income Exclusion (SEIE) allows you to test your ability to work without any reduction in your SSI check. If you are a SSI recipient and happen to be under the age of 22 and are regularly attending school you may qualify. SEIE allows students to keep more of their SSI check when they work because their countable earned income is decreased.