Consider a Career in Federal Government

The Federal Government is a major employer throughout the country employing thousands of workers. They are always actively recruiting and hiring people with disabilities. They offer a variety of exciting jobs, competitive salaries, excellent benefits, and opportunities for career advancement.

The Federal government needs leaders who bring with them a unique perspective and are determined to contribute their strengths to improve and enhance its work. Federal employees are able to make a difference through public service, receive medical benefits, and develop unique skill sets. Here are some other advantages to working for the Federal government:

  • Federal employees play an important role in addressing challenging and pressing national issues.
  • Federal salaries and benefits are competitive with the private sector.
  • Federal employees are given an opportunity to receive cutting-edge training and professional development to advance in the field.
  • The Federal government may help employees pursue a graduate degree and/or help them pay back a school loan.
  • Most Federal government agencies have policies and programs to improve life in the workplace and to assist employees in balancing their work with life responsibilities (e.g., on-site childcare, dependent care, work schedule flexibilities).
  • Government agencies are familiar with job accommodations as an important part of the government serving as a model employer.
  • Regardless or academic degree, interest, or even location. There is an opportunity for all who are interested to find a job in the federal government.