Why Employers Care About Hiring You

Employers who value diversity in their work force understand disability inclusion adds another dimension. Smart companies want their workforce to mirror their customers. Efforts to focus on customers with disabilities will result in a strategic market advantage. Employers learn diversity leads to increased profits.

Companies who reach out to people with disabilities will reach more talent. A unique perspective offers innovative thinking when it comes to problem solving. Employing talent with disabilities can also expand their market advantage. Hiring individuals with disabilities translates to profit.

According to a Gallup poll (2006), eighty-eight percent (88%) of Americans prefer to do business with companies that hire people with disabilities. Keeping and promoting individuals with disabilities will also add value for the employer.

Certain employers who do business under contract with the Federal Government have to reach out to potential employees with disabilities. They often recruit through the Offices of Disability Service coordinators at the college setting or independent living centers in their community. There are employers throughout America who are motivated by business reasons to hire employees with disabilities.